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How To Search Databases For Literature Reviews

Google Scholar. BASE academic search engine. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to search for a pre-existing systematic review on your topic. Epistemonikos database, has a matrix of evidence table so you can see what citations are shared in common across existing systematic reviews of the same topic.

  • How to Conduct a Literature Review (Health Sciences and Beyond) Popular Databases Below is a list of the most commonly used databases. Select one or more that align with the scope of your research discipline. CINAHL Cochrane Library ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) PsycINFO PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Finding Additional Databases

  • Google Scholar is a free index to journal articles from Google. When searching for a topic, Google Scholar results may appear to be more relevant than those from a library database. This is because it ranks results using an algorithm which includes the frequency with which your keywords appear.

  • Almost all reviews (97%) reported a search in MEDLINE. Other databases that we identified as essential for good recall were searched much less frequently; Embase was searched in 61% and Web of Science in 35%, and Google Scholar was only used in 10% of all reviews.

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