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Protective Hairstyles

What's your go to style and why?

Here at YKB Naturals we love an easy style that stress our kinky coils. Our founders fav is the two-strand twists, no matter the hair length it's fast, easy, and loved!



What is a protective hairstyle or Low manipulation?

A protective style is one that will allow you tuck the outside and ends of your hair away from outside elements and decreases the need to manage your hair for several days or longer. These styles usually include braids, weaves, and wigs.

Whereas low manipulation, is simply styling your own hair in a way that it doesn't need much attention. These styles usually consist of buns, twists, or even a fro. Not much needs to be done to maintain and keep your hair looking nice.

How do you prep your hair for low manipulation and protective styles??

Here at YKB Naturals, we believe in making sure your foundation is set. Meaning, we make sure to wash and condition so that our styles last longer. But most importantly, we want to make sure our lovely coils are moisturized and sealed. Water is always the best moisturizer, but we like to kick it up notch and user our Hair & Body Buttäh to add additional moisture while sealing our ends. Not only is it keeping our tresses nice and supple, but it aids in hair growth and rejuvenating our follicles with added nourishment. All while being protected from the outside elements and daily manipulation.

We know our readers wear a variety of protective or low manipulation hairstyles and would love know which ones are your favorite and why. So be sure to comment below and let us know!!

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