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Should I "go natural"?

Let's talk discuss the different issues and benefits that come along with having natural hair (none chemically processed). At some point, women wanting to go natural have had to face the dilemma of going naturals. Although it can be difficult at times, especially in the beginning. However, with the use of awesome natural hair friendly products. The transition is a lot less struggle and more triumph.

Haircare obstacles...

I must admit, back when I first became a "naturalista" I didn't really understand just how much work it was going to take to have healthy hair. I thought by simply doing the "big chop" and adding a few natural products to my hair would be it. Lol, boy was I wrong.

It took some trial and error and many products later to figure out what worked for my hair. However, once I figured it out... I had an easier time managing my natural coils. I stuck with my wash routine that I had when I was relaxed, which was washing my hair on a weekly basis (any longer than that I would get this crazy itchiness - my scalp isn't set up like that).

After washing and conditioning my hair, I'd apply a light oil and then a butter mixture, such as our Hair & Body Buttäh on top as a styler which would have my coils pop'n. My teeny tiny fro stayed looking fresh. However, as I gained length and my texture and thickness of my coils increased, so did the amount of product used. Which required me to switch up my regimen a bit.

More hair more problems...

Who knew... Welp, it was time for me to change up my hair care regimen to keep up with my thicker longer coils.

This meant MORE product! Which of course leads to spending MORE money! Which led to MORE time being spent on caring for my hair (if I wanted it to stay healthy). The struggle is REAL!

Yaya, the Coil Warrior...

I felt like a warrior once I conquered my new longer coils and had my regimen down! Queen of the Coilssssssss!

So let us know your struggles and achievements with your own hair care regimen.

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