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Hair Type & Gripes?

Let's explore the different types of hair and the struggles that come with it and how to overcome "hair type" obstacles.


There are 4 categories in the hair typing system...


Straight is Type 1

- There's absolutely no bend or wave pattern.

Wavy is Type 2

- There's a slight bend in the hair, creating ever so soft wavy locks

Curly is Type 3

- There's a pronounced bending of the hair making circular coils along the hair shaft

Kinky is Type 4

- Its tighter than a curl and hair textures more coarse.

Hair type chart

Your hair type can also determine how you style your crown. Most importantly, hair types can determine the way you care for your gorgeous locs. Overall, knowing your hair type along with porosity can aid in finding the right products for your hair.


Let's Discuss:

  1. What's your hair type?

  2. What struggles do you have because of your type?

  3. What type of products do you use because of your hair type?

  4. What styles compliment your hair type?

  5. Are you a wash-n-go or a wash and NO go lol?

  6. What are some things that absolutely frustrate you about your hair?

What are your answers to the above questions? Answer in the comment section below, and it's ok if you don't know your "hair type". That's what this community is for.

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