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About Us

Every mother sets out to make a better life for her children. Yaya White is no exception. When her daughter, Keke, was born Yaya was uncompromising and determined that this baby girl would never come in contact with harsh chemicals on her hair or skin. Yaya took to the kitchen to create the best quality buttäh and oils for her daughter. And years later, her son enjoys “getting into the buttäh” and rubbing it all over his body with a 3-year-old’s determination and zeal!


With a supportive family taking notice after receiving a few gifts of a creamy fragrant buttäh, they new Yaya White had made something good. 


That something has become YKB Naturals.


What was born in a Florida kitchen and now cultivated in a home in Georgia using fair-trade oil and butter has become a luxury brand at an affordable price.


Silky... Luxurious... Moisture for body and hair. YKB Naturals are high-quality skincare products cultivated in the heart and hearth of a Georgia Peach. With Lemon-ling as the flagship fragrance, and the newly added scents of Tropical Cocktail and Dragon Kisses, the hair and body buttähs are moisturizing, healing, and hydrating to the skin it touches. YKB Naturals product line also boasts the A'Deeva Glow Face Serum, with all-natural oils, and the Rejuvenating Face Mist. Each batch of YKB Naturals is handmade with the finest fair-trade and organic ingredients. 


Yaya, Keke, and Benjamin give you the love of family through all-natural health and beauty products.

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